Outdoor furniture – 2022 collection, trends, innovations and brands worth knowing


The outdoor space at home has long been an area of great significance, an area that can be used well and become a space where quite a lot of time can be spent during the day and at evenings, both in the hot days of summer or the cold days of winter.

With the right planning and design, the result can be nothing less than amazing. Garden and outdoor furniture should be suitable for the space assigned to it, and of course for the various conditions such as the weather, vegetation and other factors. We have gathered for you some trends more suitable for today, some design directions currently gaining momentum.


The minimalism that conquers the world

As far as design is concerned, with an emphasis on fashionable furniture, it is evident that the minimalism trend is becoming very prominent. The saying “Less is more” is what stands behind the trend, and the intention is to use a minimal number of items and objects, in order to allow the natural light and outdoor vegetation taking a more principal and central part in the design of the space. The trend advocates the approach that it is better to choose minimalist furniture and as few design elements as possible, thus creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere in the outdoor space, but first and foremost make sure that they are made of high-quality materials resistant to the various weather conditions and designed to last for a long time.


Scandinavian design

Scandinavian design is another trend dominant in recent years and in 2022 it is intensifying, a trend that began in the 1950s in Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Norway, also characterized by a type of minimalism. Scandinavian design makes use of pleasant and soft colors, based on natural materials such as glass, metal or wood, and there is more and more outdoor furniture designed in this style, the demand for which is increasing.


Taking the living room outdoors

Above we talked about the minimalist line and Scandinavian design expressed by simplicity and clean and calm colors. On the other hand, there are those who look for contrast in the living room. First, today there is furniture that can easily fit both indoors and outdoors. The living room seating sets can provide a good hospitality experience, and some are made of materials durable even in outdoor conditions.

Those who buy outdoor furniture (although this is obviously better than taking the sofa outside) may nowadays seek the opposite effect, since there should be a contrast between the indoor and the outdoor spaces, it is necessary to use bright and striking colors, in contrast to the colors used in the living room. Therefore, if the colors in the living room are somewhat similar to the colors used in the outdoor space you wish to furnish, this contrast can create a feeling of one big, shared space.

Bringing nature to the city

When talking about outdoor furniture, furniture for the garden, roof or balcony, this mainly refers to furniture for urban apartments. Many times people in the city have a strong desire to feel that they live in the village, to feel that they have a special spot of nature at home, one that allows them to disconnect from the city’s noise and unstopping bustle, and this is why they choose outdoor furniture that combines different materials and offers a selection of fabrics in a variety of styles, textures and prints, which give the space an inviting and fun feeling.


Choosing outdoor furniture – important emphases

If you wish to furnish your outdoor space and turn it into a pleasant and inviting space, we recommend that you involve a garden designer in the process, who will guide you and offer his professional opinion regarding the ultimate way to design your outdoor space in a way that ensures its harmony with the indoor space.

You can also consult interior designer/s who expertise/s in home design and know how to upgrade spaces using both small and large items, and of course you can also consult the seller offering you the furniture you are about to purchase. An important point you should pay special attention to before purchasing furniture for the outdoor space is to have some general idea of the design motif you envision for the space, make a preliminary collection of design references that you liked, and know the exact dimensions and sizes of the intended space in order to make sure that the items you purchase will fit it.

In conclusion, it is important to choose an outdoor furniture store that has a lot of experience in this field, a reliable store that has good feedback. You should make sure that the materials from which the furniture is made are strong, high-quality and innovative materials, suitable for and resistant to outdoor conditions, and make sure that you have a warranty for what you are purchasing, of course according to different conditions such as the weather and harmful causes that naturally may found be outdoors.

Do not settle for less than the best for you so that the furniture lasts as long as possible for you to enjoy it for a long time.


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