Meet the new attraction at your home and garden, a bio ethanol fireplace


During winter days heating is critical both indoors and outdoors. There are different means of heating, while in the past, outdoor heating was mainly achieved using gas mushroom heaters and indoor heating using space heaters and fan heaters. Since then, there have been many developments in this field, with fireplaces undoubtedly becoming an integral part of our lives. Many prefer their appearance, the quality of their heating, and above all, the atmosphere they create. There are different types of fireplaces: Wood fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and in recent years steps are made toward the new era of bio-ethanol fireplaces.

If you had the opportunity to sit in your living room in front of a burning fire, get warm and enjoy yourself without this involving any smoke or soot, today with a bio-ethanol fireplace you can enjoy quality heating, beautiful appearance, maximum safety and clean and unpolluted air.


Bio-ethanol fireplace – happy to know you.

So, what is a bio-ethanol fireplace and why is it gaining so much popularity? Why do more and more people choose it whether they live in a detached house or in a building? Whether for indoor or for outdoor spaces.

A bio-ethanol fireplace is a fireplace which burns like any other real fireplace, but not by burning wood or gas but by burning natural substance produced from plants such as corn and sugar, called – bio ethanol. Since this material is produced from natural materials, it also does not produce any harmful substances, and that is the main reason why many choose it. It’s not big and doesn’t take up too much space, and also doesn’t require installing a chimney to get the smoke out or ensure there’s oxygen in the space, like in a gas fireplace. A bio-ethanol fireplace is an ecological and clean fireplace, and all that is needed is to fill it with the bio-ethanol material when it runs out.


Garden bonfire? A dream that can come true.

There are quite a few people for whom the outdoor space is the place where they like to sit with friends or family members. They invest quite a bit in this space, its appearance, its beautification, and its furnishing. They sit there all year round, both when the weather is nice and also on colder days, and even when it rains. If you are one of these people, imagine if in that spot where you sit there would also be a spectacular fireplace, one which fire flickers and creates a special atmosphere, and yes, a fireplace that will also warm you and be fun to sit by – such is a bio ethanol fireplace. Because it doesn’t require a chimney, it can actually be placed anywhere you want, both indoors and outdoors.


Ecological and clean

In recent years, we have all become aware of the effort made to preserve the planet and reduce the use of polluting energies, and it seems that all the advanced countries around the world contribute to this effort. A bio-ethanol fireplace is first of all ecological and clean, and contributes to preserving the quality of the environment, thanks to the fact that its burning emits heat, steam and carbon dioxide, absorbed by plants and then processed through photosynthesis, which contributes to the development of plants and the environment. In fact, bio ethanol creates an endless natural cycle of producing a burning source produced from nature and feeding it back. Therefore, the use of coal or gas contributes less to the environment and the use of bio-ethanol is definitely part of the same positive direction.



So, after mentioning the protection of earth, what about protecting us and our health? Emitted pollutants affect our health, therefore one of the great advantages of a bio-ethanol fireplace is that it does not emit any pollutants. In fact, it does not emit neither smoke or soot, and thus our health is preserved, and there’s no smell where the fireplace is located.


Safer use

So, we took care of protecting the planet and our health, which both are of course very important. But what about our safety? Unfortunately, almost every year we hear about cases in which people were injured during wintertime by various heating devices. Injuries such as getting burned by fire, electrified, poisoned by different substances like gas, and further causes for disaster. A bio-ethanol fireplace is considered a very safe fireplace, provided of course that it is used carefully and in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Our fireplaces also meet strict international standards: in the USA, Europe and Asia, and therefore there is no doubt that with proper use safety can be maintained throughout the winter.


Amazing look!

Whether in your living room, your guest room space, or your outdoor space, a bio-ethanol fireplace upgrades the appearance of the space. Its flickering flame gives the place a fascinating and mesmerizing appearance The fireplaces are also made of materials such as marble and wood and thus can fit with your accented wall or home library using carpentry work. The fact that the fireplaces do not require any connection to a chimney, or a specific infrastructure offers a complete freedom of design to create a designed piece of furniture that incorporates a bio-ethanol burner, suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces, thus providing an ideal way to create minimalist aesthetics and heating options in both small and large spaces.


The most popular means of heating!

A bio-ethanol fireplace is becoming the official winter heater, whether indoors or outdoors, and leads the world of fireplaces for several years. The intensity of its heating is such that one can sit next to it and enjoy the extraordinary heat emitted from it. We also invite you to enjoy this coming winter a safety item that will keep you warm and upgrade your home decor.



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